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listen music student girl Music Download App for iPhone Free music download app for iPhone is definitely something that you will love. Finding free music for iPhone is not a difficult task. Digital music subscription services have helped us to find millions of songs from our favorite singers. From technology enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts to movie enthusiasts, most of them love music. However, some of you may end up spending small amounts of money. It is true that the good ones can cost you some amount of money but wait, it is possible to download free music for iPhone. If you want to know more how to download free music to iPhone, keep reading this article and I am going to show some cool music download apps for iPhone which let you to download music for free, no need to spend even a single penny.

How to Download Free Music to iPhone

I have listed some cool iPhone apps and most of these apps are available for free. Imagine how much money you can save by using this app, now you can listen to your favorite music without spending money anymore. The following are some best iPhone apps you can consider.

Free Music Download by Limit Point Software ( Free )

Free music download by Limit point software lets you to download free music for iPhone and instantly play the song with the use of a built-in music player. Now, you can download thousands of free songs available and create your own playlists. If you download this app right now, the new version is already released, Free music download 1.4.3 comes with some minor bug fixes for a more fun experience when downloading your favorite music.

free music for iPhone Music Download App for iPhone

Download music pro


Free Download Music by WDC ( Free )

Free download music by WDC lets you to download free music for iPhone legally. You can monitor your download progress with the download progress bar available at the top side. It gives you full control over the file you download while listening to your favorite music. Free download Music 2.0 is already released and comes with some minor bug fixes. Some features you’ll love are the ability to support multiple downloads at one time, download files in the background thus you can run other apps and monitor your download progress easily.

free music download Music Download App for iPhone
Download Free Download Music by WDC


Download Music Pro ( Free )

Another great music download app for iPhone you shouldn’t miss is Download music pro by Dmytro Hirsch. Download music pro lets you to download your favorite music in a seconds and then create your own playlist. By using iTunes file sharing, adding other songs to the app has become a lot easier. It supports many websites such as, and many more. When switching other tracks, simply use swipe and shake gestures. Speaking about features, it also supports multiple downloads at one time, import iPod library, easy editing playlists and comes with iTunes file sharing.

download music pro Music Download App for iPhone

Download Music Pro

Last but not least, I have listed some cool free music download apps for iPhone which are not great when it comes to downloading your favorite music but also support a number of cool features. If you love listening to music on your iPhone and want to download your favorite music, make sure to have at least one music download app for iPhone installed.

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